How to plant tulip bulbs

This short guide shows you how to plant tulip bulbs to get a wonderful show of colour next spring. Location First of all, decide where you would like your flowers

Bulbs to plant in Autumn

There are many bulbs to plant in Autumn, which will provide flowers from January or February next year through to the summer. Bulbs are wonderful for providing colour in places where

Plants for dry sun

Plants for dry sun are great for the fronts of borders and can make for a gorgeous flower display. Once established, they are fairly resilient and can offer year after

Planting combinations for June

As everything in the garden truly bursts into life there are some wonderful planting combinations for June. 1. Johnsons’ Blue and Rosa Cardinal de Richelieu This abundant Johnson’s blue forms

Flower seeds to sow in April

There are plenty of flower seeds to sow in April, whether you are sowing directly into the soil outside, using a heated greenhouse or a propagator on a windowsill. In